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Linux Daily

Daily usage of linux, raw style

It’s linux time.


I’m an electrical engineering student and this is my blog about linux.

The first thing I should talk about is the blog itself. Why start a linux blog?

There are two main reasons for this. First off, because it became relevant. Linux is now becoming something you cannot ignore. It’s coming, and it’s coming really fast. This can easily be the year for desktop linux, there are now several desktops and laptops with linux pre-installed. But that per itself is not the reason linux became relevant, it’s because it was a commercial success. Specially laptops. Linux usage is growing by the minute, so talking about it, reporting my own experiences with it is… well, not important, but it isn’t irrelevant. Yes, my vocabulary can be somewhat scarce. :-p

The second reason is I use linux everyday and have had all kinds of experiences. Small problems, big problems, major googling problems, massive frustrations and sometimes even tremendously good experiences. I know *some* programming and had some previous computer experience but can easily put myself in the shoes of a complete newbie. So my idea is talk about those problems here, and maybe they can be useful to some other user.

Linux Daily is about daily usage of linux from the point of a linux newbie and windows user. Let the good times roll : -)


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