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…and after ~400km in a car to go to a store, since this baby is sold out all across the country, I bought the Acer Aspire One, running linux of course : -). These are one of the finest 300€ I ever spent.

Acer Aspire One

Acer Aspire One

It comes pre installed with Linpus Lite, a spin off Fedora. Right now the distro is pretty much shit, it runs xfce which I personally don’t like, no advanced options out of the box for configuration, and a slimmed down kernel killed some functionality, like for instance, the E220 modem working at all.

But I’ve been investigating the whole thing and the future looks extremely bright. Even though now it’s shit, it’s coming together pretty fast. From what I read, acer originally had this planned for May, and then postponed it to mid june/july. My guess? Software wasn’t ready, so they just made a basic functionality and good looking desktop and shipped it to stores.And when I say good looking, I mean it. The “wow effect” is tremendous. Just check out the screenshot. Every single person that I’ve shown the latptop (oh I’m sorry, people now are calling it netbooks. whatever) have been dazzled. “Is this linux? Not bad” “sweet!”. But things are gonna get better, I recently found out that compiz fusion is already installed and fully functional. It doesn’t run by default because of some issues regarding, I’m guessing, the graphics driver or something like that. It slows down video playback to its knees.

My point is this. If it’s already installed, I think that in a couple of weeks, 2 months tops, it’s gonna come activated by

Linpus Lite desktop

Linpus Lite desktop

default. I mean think about it, why the hell should it be installed and accessible only by the terminal if it’s not under implementation? And when that happens, it’s gonna be wild. Right now, if you go to a computer store you see people just looking at macs and going “oh my god, this is beautifull”. Just imagine the effect of seeing compiz fusion in action! It’s gonna be prime time for linux. Imagine two acers side by side, one with xp, the same standard UI since 2001, and bleeding edge compiz fusion rotating cube. Where are people gonna be looking at?

Yeah ok ok, I’m really excited about this. How geek of me, I know, but really, it’s not just me. I’ve been intercepted in coffee shops by people asking me about the laptop.

There’s this great blog about the laptop, with an amazing forum where I’m now trying to be active and help some newbies out.


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