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I recently discovered the new paradigm of downloading stuff. Back in the day, you wanted music you used soulseek, movies emule, anything torrents. That’s how I did it anyway, but now ilegally downloading content by violating international copyright laws is much easier. You don’t need programs, what you need is go to google and write “want you want rapidshare”. From what I understand, rapidshare has lifted it’s

Oh my fucking god

Oh my fucking god

restrictions on free users. You get somewhere between 50-70secs of waiting, and a partially limited bandwith. But since you can download as much as you want, I seriously don’t care.

So the other day, this guy french that lives with me recommended this anime called “Monster”. In about 5 seconds I was in this page. 30-40 megs per episode, decent quality hosted on rapidshare just a click away?
Fuck me life is good.

The videos are in .rvmb format, which is typical of Real Player. Naturally, the videos weren’t playing in linux. I don’t know if you are familiar with real player, if you’re from that time. I am. And if you’re like me, you don’t like Real Player. At all. Maddox put it nicely:

“Back in the late 90s, everyone used Real Player. Then those cocks at Real Network got greedy, and tried to get their application to take over your entire PC, and people stopped using it.”

Yes, I have a very nice theme

Yes, I have a very nice theme

So I runned desperated to google trying to find a solution, partially because Iassumed there was no linux version of real player, and even if there was one, there’s was no godamn way I was going to submit to using a player that included a web browser, horrible UI, anonymous usage statitics, advertisements, anoying popups all over the place, hell knows what the fuck. But after those 20minutes of basic failing every stupid fucking solution available on the internet, from compiling add-ons to mplayer to doing a one hand stand eating dogshit, I found out that there was a linux version of real player. Screw it, I’m tired, let’s do it.

Not bad. Seriously, I was impressed. Plain GTK, works ok, the progress bar is a little funny, but it works like it does in youtube, you click in a point of the bar and it goes straight there, instead of progressing a given amount, like in totem you know? Goddamn I hate totem. So overall, solid player, no bullshit. Did Real Networks gave up on their idiot ways? Had they confined themselves to making just a video player? Abandoned the strategy of applications that automatically include themselves in the start-up list and defaulting themselves for all the file types it plays?
Just today I found out the following.

You evil bastars

You evil bastards

Old habits die slowly I guess.


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