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Wow, big title.

Anyway, I think it’s a pretty common problem that compiz-fusion ruins fullscreen in general. F-Spot didn’t work, as I noticed in one of my first posts. Video playback too.

The most straightforward way is to put disable desktop effects in system->preferences->appearance just to whatch the video, and then put it back on. This is pretty awfull.

A good workaround is to use the”Enhanced zoom desktop” plugin which allows you to zoom in the desktop, using by default windows key+scroll (also called the “super” key”). The plugin comes installed by default, so it’s just a matter of activating it. Using this workaround actually has an advantage. Normally, hell knows why, when you watch videos in fullscreen for example in totem, the video is not dithered. Meaning it’s one pixelized motherfucker. Using the zoom function you get the video dithered, like, I don’t know, it fucking should be.

EDIT: I have another tip. When you zoom in, the bitch mouse pointer stands in the way and that’s not cool. To overcome this, press windows+l to lock the zoom. Then you can move the mouse pointer away from the action. This locking thing is called “Toggle zoom area lock” and you can find it the “Zoom area movement” tab. I honestly don’t know if it’s activated by default.

For future reference, to install the CompizConfig Settings Manager, also called the “Advanced Desktop Effects Settings” the package is ccsm in 8.04 and compizconfig-settings-manager in ubuntu 8.10 if I’m not mistaken. Access it in system->preferences->Advanced Desktop Effects Settings


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