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Daily usage of linux, raw style

Just installed their latest 1.26 version. I’m currently writing this thru the browser, and want to test it out.
You can download it at, what you get is a .tar.gz with lots of stuff. Among them a binary file called “flock” that starts the browser.
There is a dependency you must install before running flock, which is the package libstdc++5 in ubuntu 8.04 or libstdc++6 in ubuntu 8.10

You can probably run the “flock” binary by double clicking it, but if that doesn’t work, it’s just a matter of hitting “./flock” in the terminal, in the correct folder.

Just found out that there is no option to center text in the default editor, and no option to directly upload an image. It only allows to insert images already hosted somewhere, thru the url That sucks. Saving drafts seems to work ok though

Now I’m editing it thru wordpress. As you can see, the tags are there but not in the wordpress default way. It just adds them to the end of the post. Strange stuff. Now I can add the screenshot

Here's the blog thing. Lacking some feature as you can see

Here it is. Lacking some features unfortunately.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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