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Recently I read a quote by bill gates saying that software piracy helped windows. It got me thinking and I had been wanting to write something about it for a week or so.

Today I found this post on amateur economists. It sums up pretty well the issue, but I’d like to add the following.

A lot of people complain that there isn’t this and that program for linux. Microsoft Office, Photoshop etc etc, the list goes on. I pose the question: how much of this software did you actually buy? Which ones you said you used and are actually entitled to use? Dare I answer the question? Yeah, not much.

Windows only has the user base it has because of piracy. The only reason you don’t piss your pants when someone sends you a office 2007 .docx is because you don’t have to pay the full retail price of over $150 to open it. If you had to, things would be a lot different.

It’s really easy to use windows when you can open tab files in Guitar Pro 5 for free instead of paying $50 for it, design a nice logo for your webpage in Photoshop CS3 for free instead of paying $200 for it. The list again goes on. If you had to pay for all this, your windows installation would be fundamentally useless. You know you wouldn’t pay half of the price it costs to use the stuff you use in windows.

It doesn’t really seem like much all that you can do for free with linux, because you use top of the line commercial programs for free in windows. If piracy were to stop completely, free software usage would grow exponentially, I’m sure.

I don’t mean anything with this post, not proposing anything. The funny part in this is to realize how hypocritical the situation is, since microsoft public codemns software piracy, when actually they know it’s the only reason their business is running so good.


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