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For future reference, more than anything else really, if you’re trying to use winetricks to install something anf you get an error similar to:

Note: command ‘cabextract -q –directory=/home/ceno/.wine/drive_c/winetrickstmp /home/ceno/.winetrickscache/arial32.exe’ returned status 127.  Aborting.

You need to install the package cabextract .

And if you notice, a couple of lines before that error it reads

Cannot find cabextract.  Please install it (e.g. ‘sudo apt-get install cabextract’ or ‘sudo yum install cabextract’).

So yeah, this whole post is stupid. More stupid than that is that I never got winetricks to work properly because I’d never noticed that before. Me

To install winetricks and run winetricks



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