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Have you ever heard of ProjectM? It’s a milkdrop implementation for linux. Milkdrop is an awesome visualization preset in Winamp, actually one of the main reasons I use Winamp in windows.

Installation is horrible, but is extremely  well documented here and got me tripping with great visualizations in less than 10m. The program itself works great, I was getting some low fps rates but reducing quality resolved it by some extent. I can’t say if the low fps is because of the program or because of my shitty graphics card. I will test it running milkdrop’s original presets, the ones I’m used to, and see how it goes. Predications is it’s gonna works just fine.

This is how it looks. A GUI to choose presets? NICE

This is how it looks. A GUI to choose presets? NICE

A great advantage of ProjectM is that it works with pulseaudio, meaning that you have visualizations for any program that produces sound. Now how fucking cool is that? Next time you wanna show your friends some music on youtube, you have something nicer to look at : -)

Overall ProjectM is a major success. One less reason to use windows \m/


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