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I have been experiencing slow scrolling on firefox for a long time, but never really tackled it.

Today I was messing in the compiz-fusion forums looking for something to solve the godamn slow fullscreen, and noticed someone complaining about the scrolling instead.

Adam, a moderator, said the following:

“The only thing I can recommend is to either switch to the open source drivers or to downgrade your fglrx drivers to something in the 8.3* range and use Xgl. compiz is notoriously slow on fglrx + AIGLX (particularly firefox scrolling), and there’s nothing that can be done other than waiting for AMD to improve their AIGLX support in the drivers.”

*sigh*, I mean for fuck’s sake. I’ll try and have a look at the open source driver since I’ve got better things to do but don’t really want too.


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