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I never liked File Roller, and now I’ve got proof it sucks. Besides terrible usability, it handles partitioned rar files very badly. By partitioned I mean when a rar file is separated into .r00 .r01 etc parts, by very badly I mean it can’t handle it at all.

If one of the part files is corrupted, File Roller instead of notifying you of this, like Winrar does, will probably ask you for a password. You’re left thinking “What password? The blog said no password!” File Roller is thinking “Ponies are cute I’m going to the bathroom and lick the toilette” and the developers are busy checking out and thinking about golden showers instead of how to put together a program that doesn’t suck.

Even if File Roller decides it should notify you with an error message, it’s no good because the command line output tells you nothing you can decifer into a usefull message. “program exit 23 runtime segfault bullshit” is not feedback, it’s useless.

File Roller is a big piece of Fail. That’s why I’m currently using Winrar with wine and it works wonders. You can’t drag and drop, but it’s ok. It’s better than using FR. I will give 7zip a try though, I heard it was good.

Wait Please? You're putting me on hold? How's about some fucking percentage value you dipshit?

Wait please? You putting me on hold? How's about some fucking percentage value you dipshit?!


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