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You know, sometimes I get really pissed off with Ubuntu. How THE FUCK isn’t skype working? Didn’t anyone test that shit before releasing the fucking thing?

Today I had the following conversation.

-Guy: “Hey dude, I installed Ubuntu like you said”
-Me: “Cool! How do you like it?”
-Guy: “It was going ok, but then I tried to install skype and it doesn’t work”
-Me: “Yeah… Right… Me too, there’s some issue with audio, skype doesn’t isn’t really supporting ubuntu 8.10 . I think there are workarounds, I’m trying to find that out myself”.

No, really. It does.

No shit.

The part that really pisses me off, besides Ubuntu sucking, is that I made excuses. It’s not skype that doesn’t support Ubuntu. It’s not even about Ubuntu at all. It’s the fucking linux sound architecture. IT SUCKS. And the distros aren’t making it any better. I’m proud that I’ve been using Ubuntu for well over a year now and still don’t know what the fuck Alsa is. PulseAudio? Beats me. And why should I know anyway? Audio is one of those things no one really gives a shit, people just want it to work. And it fucking doesn’t. You know what my workaround was for having audio in flash for the last 5 months? “killall pulseaudio”. It was part of the godamn login procedure, username, password, killall pulseaudio. Real Nice.

Insert joke here.

Insert joke here

The second part of my rant is this. I was looking for some solution for the problem in Ubuntu forums, and I saw this post:

Re: 8.10: Skype doesn’t work anymore

You must follow this guide: you have configured PulseAudio, look at Appendix C for instructions to configure Skype.

You must follow this guide? Have a look at the thread in the link. Are you fucking serious?! I wanna call my friend and all I have to do is go through 8 computer screens worth of text and then consult fucking APPENDIX C?!

My friend is going to be radiant. What will it be dude? The beauty of free software in 2hours of lecturing in failed sound architecture or a slow boot to windows vista?

Well take a wild guess.

I will be following the guide to get skype working in the aspire one and I’ll post it about it later. But seriously? I feel like an idiot doing it.

Nuff said. Damn I’m pissed.


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