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It’s a funny thing. Since I’m used to using linux there’s some things that I don’t really think about, which basically means I in part lost the purpose of this blog and can no longer maintain the vision of someone new to this.

A friend of mine, the same one who had the issues with skype, told me today he uninstalled ubuntu. Why? “Nothing works!”.

More specifically? Skype didn’t work so “audio doesn’t work!”. Half true, I already had my post dissing linux audio, but what matters is the image skype not working gives of Ubuntu. It’s tremendous.

Something else? “I just wanted to try Ubuntu and that horrible DOS menu had it selected by default. I searched in the options but it’s impossible to change it! I got tired of booting into ubuntu by mistake and uninstalled it”

Impossible? Jesus man, this is linux, you only have to edit a text file!

Oh. right.

Can someone please explain WHY THE FUCK doesn’t an app to edit GRUB come by default??

For future reference there’s Grub Edit, package qgrubeditor in the hardy repositories and kgrubeditor in intrepids’, and it’s horrible. Almost more intimidating that editing a text file ( /boot/grub/menu.lst ). Maybe in the intrepid’s repository there’s something better, this one looks ok.


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