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I always hate it when people blog stuff that is out of the scope of the blog. I have the feed for the linuxplanet blogs and really find it stupid when instead of blogging about linux, people start talking about how they’re moving to a new house, they’re a bit sick, their dog has got blue balls. I honestly don’t care, or rather, don’t give a flying fuck. That’s why this blog does not have a post wishing you a very merry christmas.

But, since this is the end of the year,  it’s a good time to do some recap. I started this blog in august, and it’s been climbing in revelance steadily ever since. This month of december saw ~2.900 visits with a minimal amount of new posts. Most people come here by googling about the problems I offer a solution. That’s a pretty cool thing,  I hope people find what they’re looking for. The content I post here isn’t top notch quality, but at least offers some good insight to getting stuff done.
On a side note, the reason there was barely anything new this month is quite simple. I blog mostly about problems and solutions, none of which I found since the last post.

Finally, I wish you all a happy new year and thanx for visiting the blog. Hope to see catch you around here in 2009 : -)

Oh, and while I’m at it, have you donated to wikipedia? Don’t be a cheap bastard, c’mon. I gave them €2.50 . My mother always said I was going to be a great man.


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