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This is valid for any desktop environment that uses .desktop files to populate it’s main menu such as GNOME, lxde, etc. Naturally, this works on Ubuntu.

First thing you need is an icon, this one from looks great. I have it attached at the end of this post. Download it to your matlab folder.

Secondly you need a .desktop file for Matlab. I have one attached at the end of this post, download it to your home folder for instance and rename it to matlab.desktop . WordPress doesn’t let me upload files with a .desktop extension. Cocks.

Open a terminal and shoot

gedit ~/matlab.desktop

The whole thing is very simple and honestly self-explanatory. You will need to edit the paths in Exec and Icon to match where you installed matlab in your system. I left it with the paths I use as a reference. I also set it to appear in the Office category, if you want it in any other place just write whatever instead of Office.

After saving and quitting, move the file to the applications directory like so

sudo mv ~/matlab.desktop /usr/share/applications/

And you’re done. Check out the menu to see it in action.

If you want to delete it from the menu, just do

sudo rm /usr/share/applications/matlab.desktop




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