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I have temporarely defected to using windows xp since I’m having a lot of problems with ubuntu’s performance.

Everything was going sweet, blazing fast performance, but since I haven’t used windows seriously in like a year and a half I kinda lost sensitivity for it. I had no antivirus whatsoever and naturally I downloaded a crack that turned out not be a crack and now windows is completely fucked. *sigh* good old times.

Surprisingly enough, the antivirus I was familiar with in windows, Avast! and AVG, all have linux versions. There’s also this linux antivirus called ClamAV.It’s a command line antivirus. Can you see my boner? Right, you know why? Because it’s not there. There’s this other thing called clamtk in the repositories which is a graphical frontend for clamav. It has a lot of talk about signatures which I suspect is maybe the antivirus database, and starts with a warning saying your distro may or may not have them preconfigured. By them I mean two configuration files. You know, the ones that end in .conf and need to be handwritten. Right. Anyway, I tried to update the signatures and what do you know?, everything is up to date. Then I notice this

Still no boner

Still no boner

Think I’m gonna waste another second of my life with this just because it’s released under the GPL? Think again.

To install avast!, just go to the website and download and install the deb. Don’t forget you need to register with them to have a valid key. You will find it in the accessories menu and it kinda looks like this:

Strange ain't it?

Strange ain't it?

AVG you can get here. Nothing to point out, also appears in accessories. Now when you try to update it says “No permission to run whatever”. For a while there I thought they didn’t really mean permission, but turns out they do. You need to run it as root to update. Damn fine work AVG, real good. Fuckin assholes. Run sudo avggui in the console, or, alternatevely, right click the applications menu and go to “edit menus”. There, find avg, right click properties. Then on the command instead of “avggui” put “gksu avggui” and you’ll never have to think about this again. Here’s the screen.

Good thing you warn me of that shit on every single fuckin start

Good thing you warn me of that shit on every single fuckin start

What’s the conclusion? I’m dying to go back to linux and get away from 2h30m worth of throughout anti virus and spyware scans, but I need hired geeks to make my laptop run sweet again.

Follow-up: Linux Format recommends BitDefender. Looks ok, probably worth a shot.


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