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Yeah, it’s disappointing but if you install prism (both with the firefox extension, which I use, and installing by the reps) there’s no google gears for you.

Since this sucks, there are workarounds. The reference blog post is in brain dump, if you feel like dwelving thru the comments go ahead. Here’s the complete guide, no editing and no command line involved

1-Download the modded gears-linux-opt.xpi (my mirror)
2-To load the prism thing, you will need to first convert whatever website you’re interested in tools->”convert website to application” and create a shortcut in the desktop. The icon will most probably look like shit, but ignore that for now.
3-Install google gears on prism by going to the menu->tools->add-ons and drag and drop the file you downloaded.

4-After restarting prism you will see that gears is shouting already that it’s installed. Now when it asks if you want to create a desktop shortcut say yes because this one will have the nice icon.

You will need to do this on every web app you want to have on your desktop, there is no global google gears intallation for prism but a local installation for every web app you have.

Naturally, here’s the shot to prove I speak the truth




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