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This is gonna be a short one.

You probably heard the Firefox 3.5 has a new javascript engine which supposedly has greater performance than the current stable version of Firefox. If you tried it out probably you’ve been dissapointed. The difference is minimal, in practice it’s zero.

Because I’m a professional procrastinator I went thru the release notes of the 3.5 version. Turns out, the new javascript engine isn’t enabled by default because of it’s instability. To enable it just go to about:config and search for jit. Toggle the chrome variable to true and the engine will be activated.

The difference is huge. Try it out and see for yourself. The package is firefox-3.5

P.S. The blog has been a bit slow the last few weeks due to a shitload of work at university. A major blog post regarding performance is in the works that will blow the internet out of the water. Wait and see : -)


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