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People say Linux is fast. People say Ubuntu is fast. What are these people talking about exactly?

Well, it’s not the browser performance. Have a look at the performance results from Peacekeeper.

Side by side - Peacekeeper results for Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows XP

I ran these on a 6 year old laptop, an old centrino 1.7Ghz with a shitty ATI. Just for completeness sake, since it doesn’t really matter. I’m willing to assert that you will have similar results on any machine.

Add to this the shitty graphics drivers to slow the rendering down, and the ubber-shitty flash for the ultimate cherry on top of the cake.

So you see gentlemen, when you say linux is “faster” … well, it’s really not that simple. On the server? sure. On the desktop, on the applications that matter to the desktop user… it’s not faster. At all.

No wonder Ubuntu drains my battery much faster. Not only isn’t powersaving optimal for all my hardware because of inexistent manufacturer support, but the applications themselves burn much more cpu.

BONUS POINTS: Notice the font rendering in XP. Now Ubuntu. Now XP. Holy shit.

PS – A real post in what? Over a year? Holy shitz!


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Here’s a question. You know what happens when you try to push a release 20 days earlier just to be released on a date with some special geek significance?

Allow me to answer in the form of screenshots.


Design team. Idiots? Visually impaired? You decide!



A striking resemblance, I dare say!



They don't call it Maverick for nothing!



Seriously, this thing is unruly!



Comes with built-in trolling mechanism, sweet!


More lulz to be added as they show up, stay tuned! Excitment! Exclamation points!

It’s a funny thing. Since I’m used to using linux there’s some things that I don’t really think about, which basically means I in part lost the purpose of this blog and can no longer maintain the vision of someone new to this.

A friend of mine, the same one who had the issues with skype, told me today he uninstalled ubuntu. Why? “Nothing works!”.

More specifically? Skype didn’t work so “audio doesn’t work!”. Half true, I already had my post dissing linux audio, but what matters is the image skype not working gives of Ubuntu. It’s tremendous.

Something else? “I just wanted to try Ubuntu and that horrible DOS menu had it selected by default. I searched in the options but it’s impossible to change it! I got tired of booting into ubuntu by mistake and uninstalled it”

Impossible? Jesus man, this is linux, you only have to edit a text file!

Oh. right.

Can someone please explain WHY THE FUCK doesn’t an app to edit GRUB come by default??

For future reference there’s Grub Edit, package qgrubeditor in the hardy repositories and kgrubeditor in intrepids’, and it’s horrible. Almost more intimidating that editing a text file ( /boot/grub/menu.lst ). Maybe in the intrepid’s repository there’s something better, this one looks ok.

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As you may or may not know, the current version of skype does not work out of the box in Ubuntu 8.10. The solution can be simple or farelly complex. It depends on how the system is dealing with your soundcard. The following is a screenshot of the audio configuration that works on a lot of computers, AA1 included.

That wasn't that hard

That wasn't that hard

Now, if you by any chance followed my guide to install Ubuntu 8.10 on the AA1 or installed the normal Ubuntu, this won’t work. To make it work, I checked the ubuntu wiki. I ended up refering to the arch wiki and install the newest alsa. In my opinion it’s the best way to go. It now fully supports the AA1’s sound card. At least that’s what they say.

It’s farelly simple

Download the latest source from and  extract it to your home folder. To compile you can do it in the terminal like this

sudo bash
cd alsa-driver-1.0.18a
./configure --with-cards=hda-intel
make install-modules

The make command will take a while, but if it ends with “ALSA modules were successfully compiled.” you know you’re good to go.

Next up edit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base with something like

sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base

And add at the end

options snd-hda-intel model=acer-aspire

Now reboot (will take a while) and everything should be working. To control the mic volume you need Gnome ALSA Mixer, the package is gnome-alsamixer.

And access it in Applications->Sound & Video. If it looks like this, your installation went ok

Gnome ALSA Mixer with latest alsa

Gnome ALSA Mixer with latest alsa

End of story, skype should now be working with the configuration of the first post. The mic volume is the capture level, and don’t ask me about the internal mic, I don’t use it and honestly don’t care.

Linux audio sucks.

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You know, sometimes I get really pissed off with Ubuntu. How THE FUCK isn’t skype working? Didn’t anyone test that shit before releasing the fucking thing?

Today I had the following conversation.

-Guy: “Hey dude, I installed Ubuntu like you said”
-Me: “Cool! How do you like it?”
-Guy: “It was going ok, but then I tried to install skype and it doesn’t work”
-Me: “Yeah… Right… Me too, there’s some issue with audio, skype doesn’t isn’t really supporting ubuntu 8.10 . I think there are workarounds, I’m trying to find that out myself”.

No, really. It does.

No shit.

The part that really pisses me off, besides Ubuntu sucking, is that I made excuses. It’s not skype that doesn’t support Ubuntu. It’s not even about Ubuntu at all. It’s the fucking linux sound architecture. IT SUCKS. And the distros aren’t making it any better. I’m proud that I’ve been using Ubuntu for well over a year now and still don’t know what the fuck Alsa is. PulseAudio? Beats me. And why should I know anyway? Audio is one of those things no one really gives a shit, people just want it to work. And it fucking doesn’t. You know what my workaround was for having audio in flash for the last 5 months? “killall pulseaudio”. It was part of the godamn login procedure, username, password, killall pulseaudio. Real Nice.

Insert joke here.

Insert joke here

The second part of my rant is this. I was looking for some solution for the problem in Ubuntu forums, and I saw this post:

Re: 8.10: Skype doesn’t work anymore

You must follow this guide: you have configured PulseAudio, look at Appendix C for instructions to configure Skype.

You must follow this guide? Have a look at the thread in the link. Are you fucking serious?! I wanna call my friend and all I have to do is go through 8 computer screens worth of text and then consult fucking APPENDIX C?!

My friend is going to be radiant. What will it be dude? The beauty of free software in 2hours of lecturing in failed sound architecture or a slow boot to windows vista?

Well take a wild guess.

I will be following the guide to get skype working in the aspire one and I’ll post it about it later. But seriously? I feel like an idiot doing it.

Nuff said. Damn I’m pissed.

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I never liked File Roller, and now I’ve got proof it sucks. Besides terrible usability, it handles partitioned rar files very badly. By partitioned I mean when a rar file is separated into .r00 .r01 etc parts, by very badly I mean it can’t handle it at all.

If one of the part files is corrupted, File Roller instead of notifying you of this, like Winrar does, will probably ask you for a password. You’re left thinking “What password? The blog said no password!” File Roller is thinking “Ponies are cute I’m going to the bathroom and lick the toilette” and the developers are busy checking out and thinking about golden showers instead of how to put together a program that doesn’t suck.

Even if File Roller decides it should notify you with an error message, it’s no good because the command line output tells you nothing you can decifer into a usefull message. “program exit 23 runtime segfault bullshit” is not feedback, it’s useless.

File Roller is a big piece of Fail. That’s why I’m currently using Winrar with wine and it works wonders. You can’t drag and drop, but it’s ok. It’s better than using FR. I will give 7zip a try though, I heard it was good.

Wait Please? You're putting me on hold? How's about some fucking percentage value you dipshit?

Wait please? You putting me on hold? How's about some fucking percentage value you dipshit?!

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… show linux to your sister that nautilus decides it’s not going to work.

“Oh, it’s so pretty! that cube is insane!”

And then I plug a usb external hard drive and guess what? Instead of mounting, it’s give me an error. What’s the problem? It can’t automount the hard drive because it’s in NTFS.

There are bugs, then there’s this, and there’s a sister that’s not going to try out free software because “it’s shit and nothing works!!!”


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