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People say Linux is fast. People say Ubuntu is fast. What are these people talking about exactly?

Well, it’s not the browser performance. Have a look at the performance results from Peacekeeper.

Side by side - Peacekeeper results for Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows XP

I ran these on a 6 year old laptop, an old centrino 1.7Ghz with a shitty ATI. Just for completeness sake, since it doesn’t really matter. I’m willing to assert that you will have similar results on any machine.

Add to this the shitty graphics drivers to slow the rendering down, and the ubber-shitty flash for the ultimate cherry on top of the cake.

So you see gentlemen, when you say linux is “faster” … well, it’s really not that simple. On the server? sure. On the desktop, on the applications that matter to the desktop user… it’s not faster. At all.

No wonder Ubuntu drains my battery much faster. Not only isn’t powersaving optimal for all my hardware because of inexistent manufacturer support, but the applications themselves burn much more cpu.

BONUS POINTS: Notice the font rendering in XP. Now Ubuntu. Now XP. Holy shit.

PS – A real post in what? Over a year? Holy shitz!


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Yeah, it’s disappointing but if you install prism (both with the firefox extension, which I use, and installing by the reps) there’s no google gears for you.

Since this sucks, there are workarounds. The reference blog post is in brain dump, if you feel like dwelving thru the comments go ahead. Here’s the complete guide, no editing and no command line involved

1-Download the modded gears-linux-opt.xpi (my mirror)
2-To load the prism thing, you will need to first convert whatever website you’re interested in tools->”convert website to application” and create a shortcut in the desktop. The icon will most probably look like shit, but ignore that for now.
3-Install google gears on prism by going to the menu->tools->add-ons and drag and drop the file you downloaded.

4-After restarting prism you will see that gears is shouting already that it’s installed. Now when it asks if you want to create a desktop shortcut say yes because this one will have the nice icon.

You will need to do this on every web app you want to have on your desktop, there is no global google gears intallation for prism but a local installation for every web app you have.

Naturally, here’s the shot to prove I speak the truth



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I found this post today on Planète Béranger. It kind of overdoes it by calling firefox a failure with a serious bold oh you simpletons fear my geek wrath, but to resume the post says the following:

Firefox is a failed piece of shit because it uses too much memory and there’s no solution in the horizon.

More than true. The more I use Firefox, and I’ve been using it full time for quite a while, the less I like it. It’s a shitty situation. It’s a solid browser, criticisms of recent updates put aside, but it’s just too goddamn heavy. Maybe I’m being naive here, and correct me if I’m wrong, but if a browser supports tabs… you should use them, right? So why is it that having more than 10 tabs open makes Firefox rocket to over 200mb of memory usage and drags overall performance of the whole system to its knees? Fuck that.

And since we’re on the topic of web browsers, I’ve been growing more and more unhappy with internet browsing in linux. Whatever browser you use, you’re still going to have to use adobe’s flash. Well, to put it short, the flash plugin for linux is a big piece of shit. Big one. It’s horrific. Version 10 is the best yet, but it still sucks. It’s highly inefficient, if you go to one of those horrible website full of flash ads, you get with I mean. The computer literally starts crying and whining and refusing to work.

Hey, I know it’s not linux’s fault, it’s adobe’s. But it doesn’t change the fact that the internet experience is shit. Combine firefox poor performance and terrible memory management with flash suffering the exact same defects, what do you get? Pure shit.

We are in a sad state of affairs. And no solution in the horizon. Hm.

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I have been experiencing slow scrolling on firefox for a long time, but never really tackled it.

Today I was messing in the compiz-fusion forums looking for something to solve the godamn slow fullscreen, and noticed someone complaining about the scrolling instead.

Adam, a moderator, said the following:

“The only thing I can recommend is to either switch to the open source drivers or to downgrade your fglrx drivers to something in the 8.3* range and use Xgl. compiz is notoriously slow on fglrx + AIGLX (particularly firefox scrolling), and there’s nothing that can be done other than waiting for AMD to improve their AIGLX support in the drivers.”

*sigh*, I mean for fuck’s sake. I’ll try and have a look at the open source driver since I’ve got better things to do but don’t really want too.

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One thing that always annoyed me using firefox 2 (i dont use 3, memory hungry and too heavy) in linux is that backspace doesn’t work as in windows, bringing you to the previous page. Taken from :

Type “about:config” in the address bar of Firefox and press Enter.
`Filter` for ‘browser.backspace_action’ and change its value to 0 (zero)

and voila, backspace’s working again 🙂

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