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People say Linux is fast. People say Ubuntu is fast. What are these people talking about exactly?

Well, it’s not the browser performance. Have a look at the performance results from Peacekeeper.

Side by side - Peacekeeper results for Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows XP

I ran these on a 6 year old laptop, an old centrino 1.7Ghz with a shitty ATI. Just for completeness sake, since it doesn’t really matter. I’m willing to assert that you will have similar results on any machine.

Add to this the shitty graphics drivers to slow the rendering down, and the ubber-shitty flash for the ultimate cherry on top of the cake.

So you see gentlemen, when you say linux is “faster” … well, it’s really not that simple. On the server? sure. On the desktop, on the applications that matter to the desktop user… it’s not faster. At all.

No wonder Ubuntu drains my battery much faster. Not only isn’t powersaving optimal for all my hardware because of inexistent manufacturer support, but the applications themselves burn much more cpu.

BONUS POINTS: Notice the font rendering in XP. Now Ubuntu. Now XP. Holy shit.

PS – A real post in what? Over a year? Holy shitz!


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I’ve been trying a lot of distros on the aa1 recently, I’ve tried all Ubuntus from 8.04 till 9.04, sidux, slitaz, madbox, and now Kuki Linux.

Kuki linux is made specifically for the AA1, so I was expecting something nice. I only tried it live from usb, so this is what I got.

On hardware performance and recognition, everything kinda works. Webcam, audio, baterry recognition, wireless (good performance btw) no problem whatsoever. Wired I didn’ try but it should be working.
In terms of graphics I was initially very disappointed with the streaming flash video performance. Then I read the release announcement more closely and it seems they have a “special” xorg configuration that boosts the performance tremendously. I was skeptical, but stupidily so. The xorg configuration they made is great, I mean it’s as good as it gets. I had just tried Ubuntu 9.04 before and flash video was terrible. With their conf you can get daily show with no problem whatsoever, facebook videos with normal quality rolling beautifully, youtube not even worth mentioning. Fullscreen works great too. Glxgears outputs ~570fps. Gentlemen, they did it, hat’s off!
Card recognition depends on which one you’re looking at. The left one works great. Hot plugging working by default, and it’s really fast, wait where’s the bold, oh, really fast. You plug the card in and dare I say in less than one second Thunar pops up. My balls dropped. The right one isn’t working out of the box, but according to this post on the forums they have a solution, so it’s just a matter of making it to the distro. Strange bug though, after I tried the right card reader and then put the card back in the left reader, it stopped working. Not too worried honestly.

Software wise, you get the general assortment of xfce (4.6) apps. You know, mousepad, the ex xarchiver and shit. Then I think they made weird choices on programs. Ok, I take that back, it just comes with programs I don’t like. Audacious for audio playing, Mplayer for video. Ever heard of vlc? Bah. Also comes with this thing called “Zim Desktop Wiki” I have no idea why. A lame looking ebook reader. No office apps as of yet, not even abi word. But I’ll confess my ignorance, i don’t know what are the plans for the future on this end and I didn’t bother to look up. Either way, if you install this, you’re on your own, but this is ubuntu running underneath so installing anything I’m sure is dead basic.
Oh, almost forgot. Networking done by wicd which is awesome. I fucking hate network manager and this was really good to see. Works wonders.

Now the visuals. I was really happy when I saw that the login screen. I don’t have a screenshot but it looks really nice. The color looks really good on the screen, the fonts are beautifull. Then you login, and the background doesn’t flicker or anything, it goes straight to the desktop in this really awesome integrated experience. Sad part is, you walk beautifull to reach this sad thing

Holy shit. Why so sad?

Holy shit. Why so sad?

No I don’t know if it’s just me, but I hate xfce. Seriously. Thunar (the file manager) aside, it’s horrible. Look at the font on the clock. Doesn’t it break your heart? Virtual desktops are vertical instead of horizontal, no option to change it. Bah. The icons on the desktop have no reason to be uncool, but for some reason they just look terrible. Maybe it’s because of the color background behind the name of the file. Maybe it’s because they look realistic and the rest of the desktop looks like ugly cartoons. Now look at this

Please stop, I can't take it anymore

Please stop, I can't take it anymore

Window border is horrific. Default gray makes me so sad I wanna cry. It’s this kind of prison gray, innit? Oh man it’s just awfull. You know, after coming from Ubuntu 9.04 using the awesome dust theme I look at this and just make a sad face. And really after trying madbox my standards in terms of looks just exploded thru the roof, just look at this

Now this is what Im talking about

Now this is what I'm talking about

So ok, let’s make a conclusion. I couldn’t test suspend and hibernation, but I think that’s working out of the box in Ubuntu 9.04 so I guess it’s working, but anyway. In terms of what really matters, kuki wins big time. Performance is great, hardware recognition getting very close to perfect, boot time is good too. I didn’t try it, but I used the same kernel in ubuntu and it was good then, since kuki uses even less services and shit it can only be faster. Where it loses is in using xfce which i hate, they should have sticked to lxde godamnit!, and on the desktop appearance. But this can be worked out, although I never saw any good looking xfce desktop to be honest. It’s one of those things you can leave for last, but guys, aim for the top, for the ubber distro, and do something about it. After that you can all demand preferential treatment from us, the idiots, because you godamn deserve it. Gentlemen, it took a long time but we’re getting very close. Hat’s off!

Ps: I wonder what happens if I stick that xorg conf on ubuntu 9.04 running lxde or

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I found this post today on Planète Béranger. It kind of overdoes it by calling firefox a failure with a serious bold oh you simpletons fear my geek wrath, but to resume the post says the following:

Firefox is a failed piece of shit because it uses too much memory and there’s no solution in the horizon.

More than true. The more I use Firefox, and I’ve been using it full time for quite a while, the less I like it. It’s a shitty situation. It’s a solid browser, criticisms of recent updates put aside, but it’s just too goddamn heavy. Maybe I’m being naive here, and correct me if I’m wrong, but if a browser supports tabs… you should use them, right? So why is it that having more than 10 tabs open makes Firefox rocket to over 200mb of memory usage and drags overall performance of the whole system to its knees? Fuck that.

And since we’re on the topic of web browsers, I’ve been growing more and more unhappy with internet browsing in linux. Whatever browser you use, you’re still going to have to use adobe’s flash. Well, to put it short, the flash plugin for linux is a big piece of shit. Big one. It’s horrific. Version 10 is the best yet, but it still sucks. It’s highly inefficient, if you go to one of those horrible website full of flash ads, you get with I mean. The computer literally starts crying and whining and refusing to work.

Hey, I know it’s not linux’s fault, it’s adobe’s. But it doesn’t change the fact that the internet experience is shit. Combine firefox poor performance and terrible memory management with flash suffering the exact same defects, what do you get? Pure shit.

We are in a sad state of affairs. And no solution in the horizon. Hm.

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