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People say Linux is fast. People say Ubuntu is fast. What are these people talking about exactly?

Well, it’s not the browser performance. Have a look at the performance results from Peacekeeper.

Side by side - Peacekeeper results for Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows XP

I ran these on a 6 year old laptop, an old centrino 1.7Ghz with a shitty ATI. Just for completeness sake, since it doesn’t really matter. I’m willing to assert that you will have similar results on any machine.

Add to this the shitty graphics drivers to slow the rendering down, and the ubber-shitty flash for the ultimate cherry on top of the cake.

So you see gentlemen, when you say linux is “faster” … well, it’s really not that simple. On the server? sure. On the desktop, on the applications that matter to the desktop user… it’s not faster. At all.

No wonder Ubuntu drains my battery much faster. Not only isn’t powersaving optimal for all my hardware because of inexistent manufacturer support, but the applications themselves burn much more cpu.

BONUS POINTS: Notice the font rendering in XP. Now Ubuntu. Now XP. Holy shit.

PS – A real post in what? Over a year? Holy shitz!


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I have temporarely defected to using windows xp since I’m having a lot of problems with ubuntu’s performance.

Everything was going sweet, blazing fast performance, but since I haven’t used windows seriously in like a year and a half I kinda lost sensitivity for it. I had no antivirus whatsoever and naturally I downloaded a crack that turned out not be a crack and now windows is completely fucked. *sigh* good old times.

Surprisingly enough, the antivirus I was familiar with in windows, Avast! and AVG, all have linux versions. There’s also this linux antivirus called ClamAV.It’s a command line antivirus. Can you see my boner? Right, you know why? Because it’s not there. There’s this other thing called clamtk in the repositories which is a graphical frontend for clamav. It has a lot of talk about signatures which I suspect is maybe the antivirus database, and starts with a warning saying your distro may or may not have them preconfigured. By them I mean two configuration files. You know, the ones that end in .conf and need to be handwritten. Right. Anyway, I tried to update the signatures and what do you know?, everything is up to date. Then I notice this

Still no boner

Still no boner

Think I’m gonna waste another second of my life with this just because it’s released under the GPL? Think again.

To install avast!, just go to the website and download and install the deb. Don’t forget you need to register with them to have a valid key. You will find it in the accessories menu and it kinda looks like this:

Strange ain't it?

Strange ain't it?

AVG you can get here. Nothing to point out, also appears in accessories. Now when you try to update it says “No permission to run whatever”. For a while there I thought they didn’t really mean permission, but turns out they do. You need to run it as root to update. Damn fine work AVG, real good. Fuckin assholes. Run sudo avggui in the console, or, alternatevely, right click the applications menu and go to “edit menus”. There, find avg, right click properties. Then on the command instead of “avggui” put “gksu avggui” and you’ll never have to think about this again. Here’s the screen.

Good thing you warn me of that shit on every single fuckin start

Good thing you warn me of that shit on every single fuckin start

What’s the conclusion? I’m dying to go back to linux and get away from 2h30m worth of throughout anti virus and spyware scans, but I need hired geeks to make my laptop run sweet again.

Follow-up: Linux Format recommends BitDefender. Looks ok, probably worth a shot.

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The other day this guy that lives with me was idleing around the house since he was formating his pc. He’s 100% windows user, has heard of linux, never seen it, doesn’t even use firefox. He asked me “Do you have any recommendations for me?” Obviously, I said “Install an anti-virus and a firewall before connecting to the internet, and while you’re at it, install ubuntu” and I laughed. It was half a joke, but he was actually curious because I have a very good looking desktop, mind you. After talking to him, I organized some ideas. He wanted to know what’s in it for him. I mean, this guy plays a lots of windows games, why do a dual boot? Isn’t linux for geeks?

1. Free Software makes your life simpler and more efficient

Free software means a lot of things. It comes down to saying that source code is available for download free of charge, but this has a lot of implications and consequences. For people who don’t give a shit and just want to use computers, it means that their life is easier.

1.1 Free Software means centralized distribution

Since free software can be freely distributed, ubuntu has repositories, which are basically long lists of programs available directly for download. You don’t need to go to every single homepage of each program, it’s available directly on the desktop, no hassle. Tipical use case is, imagine you want a program for downloading torrents and don’t have one nor do you know one.You go to applications->add/remove->search for torrent->Click on Transmission->Apply->password->boom, you’re done. No command line bullshit, just plain simple and fast.

1.2 Free Software means centralized updates

Centralized distribuition also implies that all updates are centralized. You can easily keep up with the latest version of all the programs and drivers you use, because they all come from the same update manager. Again, no worries.

What in the name of the lord?!

What in the name of the lord?!

1.3 Free software means no spyware and no adds

Not knowing anything else, you think it’s ok than msn messenger has flash commercials about tv programs bothering you at the bottom, eating resources and being all-around annoying. It’s not normal and you shouldn’t put up that shit. Free software means programs do what they do, and that’s that. They don’t ask you if you want to install google’s dogshit taskbar and they don’t install things without your consempt. Like it’s supposed to.

1.4 Free software means install/uninstall works

Because software is centralized and distributed in a coherent form, installing and uninstalling programs is a standardized process. You can install and uninstall programs all you want, because, again, it works like it’s supposed to. Uninstalling software in windows fails all the time, leaves a bunch of register keys, temporary files, folders, all kinds of weird untraceable trails. This does not happen in linux.

2. You can have a good looking desktop on an old computer

People assume that because their laptop is 4 years old and has a sticker that says “Designed for Windows XP”, Windows XP level of graphics is all it can do. This is wrong. Windows XP has been around since 2001, it’s ugly by today’s standards, and hasn’t evolved shit in 8 years. It was made for 2001 hardware, not today’s standards. You can have a desktop running full blown compiz-fusion on 4 year old hardware. I know, it’s my case

You think this is any good? Think again

You think this is any good? Think again

3. Better organization

A windows user is acostumed to the start menu and accessing programs using the “All programs” menu. You wouldn’t question such a thing because it’s been around for ages, but the start menu sucks. When you have a 3 page long “all programs” menu finding something is brutally confusing, you just don’t notice it because your acostumed. Gnome’s menu are uglier, in a sense, but the division in applications/places/system is brilliant. It ends ups even replacing the whole concept of “My Computer”. Once you start using it, you see the difference.

4. Linux has virtually no viruses, so you can forget they even exist

You can click all you want in email viruses, strange ads on webpages, anything. It doesn’t matter because windows viruses won’t run on linux, and there are virtually no virus for linux. If you care about your data like your photos, your documents, you have to be careful all the time and naturally use an antivirus. Antivirus either cost money or they’re free and they suck. No one uses antivirus software in linux. Ever. So your computer runs smoother because there isn’t an extra piece of software constantly wasting resources monitoring all that happens. That leaves ram for oh-my-god-compiz-fusion-is-sweet.

There. Five reasons to put up with a dual-boot. I’d go as far as say 90% of average users don’t need windows for anything except games. Got any other reasons? Leave a comment : -)

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Recently I read a quote by bill gates saying that software piracy helped windows. It got me thinking and I had been wanting to write something about it for a week or so.

Today I found this post on amateur economists. It sums up pretty well the issue, but I’d like to add the following.

A lot of people complain that there isn’t this and that program for linux. Microsoft Office, Photoshop etc etc, the list goes on. I pose the question: how much of this software did you actually buy? Which ones you said you used and are actually entitled to use? Dare I answer the question? Yeah, not much.

Windows only has the user base it has because of piracy. The only reason you don’t piss your pants when someone sends you a office 2007 .docx is because you don’t have to pay the full retail price of over $150 to open it. If you had to, things would be a lot different.

It’s really easy to use windows when you can open tab files in Guitar Pro 5 for free instead of paying $50 for it, design a nice logo for your webpage in Photoshop CS3 for free instead of paying $200 for it. The list again goes on. If you had to pay for all this, your windows installation would be fundamentally useless. You know you wouldn’t pay half of the price it costs to use the stuff you use in windows.

It doesn’t really seem like much all that you can do for free with linux, because you use top of the line commercial programs for free in windows. If piracy were to stop completely, free software usage would grow exponentially, I’m sure.

I don’t mean anything with this post, not proposing anything. The funny part in this is to realize how hypocritical the situation is, since microsoft public codemns software piracy, when actually they know it’s the only reason their business is running so good.

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